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Finally we got the exhaust installed, it wasn't a easy job. We had to make custom brackets and re-align brackets to get it in place. A lot of cursing was done during the works. Eventualy we got it done. The difussor is aligned as well, this will take some time before i get that finished, i still need to fix it tight, then molding, sanding and sanding and in the end get it painted.

The pics,
First we need to put the car in the garage, we had very little clearance with the front when the car was on the bridges

We need a saw and a bumper

30 seconds later

10 minutes later

Because the diameter of the pipes was bigger the the OEM exhaust we made a piece to make it fit

First testfit of the complete system, al lot needs to be done. Fitment is far from perfect

Heating up the pipes to bend them, do some welding and grinding

The end result of our hard labour

Off course we took it for a drive afterwe where finished. It doesn't make a hard growl when you put your foot down and that is exsactly what i wanted, the looks where more important then the sound. It does make a nice roar between 3500 en 4000 RPM

Just made a short film of the sound, i will make a better and longer one soon
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