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Originally Posted by ptrcd003 View Post
The way this forum portrays these cars, its as if they're ticking time bombs. You obviously wouldn't buy a car with blown shocks, worn-out clutch or worn-out bushings, so listing all those items to replace is silly. I mean you'd be buying a used car, so obviously these may be issues, but a lot of it is subjective. Sure, you could start replacing un-worn out bushings to improve road feel, but it has nothing to do with the reliability of the vehicle.
Yes I agree. I think that was the main reason for this thread was that I honestly couldn't tell if the cars really were ticking time bombs or just needed regular maintenance like any other aging car. Any worn items needing replaced I identify when looking at a car would of course be a concern. I doubt that every part on any car simply breaks without warning. I likely wouldnt buy a car that required extensive repairs up front, but different people have different opinions. Same stuff happens on e90post, which is essentially a battleground between 335 guys and us lowly 328 drivers.

But yeah...to an earlier post: I don't entirely agree that if I have a certain budget, I should just go buy a Honda or Toyota. If that were true, none of you would be here, unless you had a completely unlimited budget when you bought your 3er, and now just mysteriously choose to keep it, even though you could go buy any new car you want off the lot. As an enthusiast, I appreciate the way BMW designs all of their cars, and think that I could enjoy an older model just as much as my e90. I am not one of those guys that has to keep upgrading to the newest model, as far as cars go (obviously). Getting into an e46 would not be done to please others or retain some form of "status" as a BMW driver. It would be my choice to stick with a brand that I love and appreciate, and still have a car designed with driving dynamics at the forefront. I couldn't care less what people think of me as far as if I'm wealthy or whatever...I own a BMW for the engineering.

I'm reminded of a post I read several months ago where a guy traded his e60 m5 for a new 2011 328i. People were reaming him for it because he couldn't keep up with the maintenance cost of the m car, and wanted something simple and cost effective. He had a similar attitude to me in that, if he could get into a car that he could still enjoy, but also satisfy his budget, what's wrong with that? Even I would have a hard time making that big of a change, but I could certainly see where he was coming from.

All that being said, who really knows what I'll end up doing? All of this is contingent upon me finding someone who wants to pay a fair price for my car, while around the same time finding the right e46.

I do appreciate all the advice and the detailed calculations of maintenance things to watch out for. You guys have a great community and wealth of knowledge here.
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