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Thanks alot for the quick response! Unfortunately I have no way of driving to autozone to purchase throttle cleaner and Maf cleaner, But I did still clean the throttle body with a rag. Could you link me to the DISA diy?

Originally Posted by SchatzieII View Post
If you have correct boots & With DISA out.. Prepare lower boot by Siliconing boot and throttle body so it will slip on. I used pool silicon I have for "O" rings.

Before starting Install/wiggle the spacer that connects the two intake boots together on lower boot. Sorta snaps in. Easy with silicon and not connected.

With the O ring clamp screw facing straight up, make sure "lower Boot lip tag" is between and on top of grooves (they stick up) that are on top of the throttle body, push/wiggle in, Check with mirror or with fingers that the large boot is correct. Find lip grooves before installing around one O'clock on top of throttle body about two inches apart.

Slip small boot hose on with clamp.. Tighten large boot screw with long flat blade screwdriver with handle coming down from cabin filter area. Again with fingers & inspection mirror check fitting. Tighten clamp on small tubing hose I had clamp screw facing toward DISA hole. Check again clamps and tighten again.

Hope you have checked, DISA gasket, pin, vanes and did DISA vacuum check by placing finger on hole. See DIY. Take your time with "Boots out". Feel/check the hose that comes from CVV to bottom of dip stick for breaks or plugged up. Squeeze lightly. Check bottom of Coolant & power steering resorvoir for leaks. Be carefull of "F" splitter on first intake now is the time to follow/inspect vacuum lines to ICV from "F" spliter.

When installing Airbox boot end, do not tighten clamp to lower boot spacer until you have manuevered boot around so it fits MAF correctly, and fully open. Clean you MAF....Not a bad idea either.. Worked for me CRC Mass Air Flow sensor cleaner..
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