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DISA Check pretty simple

If you are just getting car going again you can do DISA and MAF when you have time but if DISA is out give it a good inspection.. Use light oil instead of silicon to put back in. Put sock in lower boot. This is a mechanical check only. If still in: Disconnect electrical wire to DISA. A Clip on plug to push in is on the rear of plug toward engine. Lift up. Careful not to drop bolts. Towel good idea under work area. Remove DISA with Torx 30 wrench. You will hear a little click as you break seat of the bolts. Remember pressure when you reinstall. Pull straight out and then tilt DISA toward firewall to fully remove. Ask yourself, did DISA come straight out easily or with a pull. Easy means "O" ring gasket needs replacing. My "O" ring was below groove. Get one on EBAY.
Inspect DISA valve vanes/flap for signs of wiggling/flapping. Should be firm. Check large pin at end that it is fully seated and does not stick outward or have any signs of cracks. I was reluctant to pull pin just looked. Any problem here, it is junk. Pin can be sucked into intake can destroy engine. I have read where you can pull pin out and flap for emergency use of your car awaiting new DISA. Now close Flap and release, does it feel smooth and fully open when released? A very slight bump may be felt when closing when first moved. Close Flap fully and look for a small hole by the diapham. With vane fully closed put finger on hole. Release flap. Flap should open slightly 1/2 " and hold, staying closed. Release finger over hole and Vane should snap fully open. Reinstall with new gasket allowing Torx screws to pull DISA in slowly. I used masking tape on bottom DISA screws to hold to TorX socket. Pull out sock install first boot. If DISA goes in with no pressure order a gasket.
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