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Originally Posted by mojako View Post
how much is the to-go rate?
it varies, as each girl sizes you up and determines how much she can milk you for i usually table them for 1 or 2 hours and feel them out regarding take out possibilities and pricing. keep in mind, that not all girls are willing to go out. i usually secure a deal which includes 2 or more @#$% and explain in details what i would like performed. also which is important is the duration of the time to perform these services. i usually prefer 4am - 12noon. i would also include any food, drinks and the fees required for the services. once this is all agreed upon, then i would offer 1.5k - 3k. keep in mind, this is also dependent on how much she likes you. if she doesn't like you, then perhaps this may not be enough amount. i then inform that that i'll be in the area for at least 3 weeks and that even though 1.5k - 3k doesnt seem much, it can be much if you multiply that by 21 nights. if she's good, the can get more then one night
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