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These cars are getting older... its just a fact that we're all dealing with at once. The E90's are a max of like 5 years old, so I could totally see them starting to have more and more age related issues, on top of millage issues.

If you sold your 328xi and bought a E46 you would have to understand that there may be a fair number of things that have to be done to make it as reliable as a new car. You would HAVE to put a few grand aside for maintenance. I don't think people get "stranded" without a car unless the cooling system is allowed to decay, or something strange like a clutch or a transmission goes out (doesn't happen often). What I'm trying to say is that you don't have to replace every moving and non-moving part part to have a reliable car, just pay attention. A little oil consumption and a slightly rough idle are issues that you can deal with later.

FYI, I owned a 70k mile 2004 330Ci for nearly 3 years and it never, ever left me stranded or didn't start EXCEPT for when I started messing with things. (OK, the 7 year old battery had to be replaced... and that was slightly inconvenient)
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