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Originally Posted by MercForHire View Post
Your 323 is so ball.
Those black wheels and red calibers really contracts well with the white car.
It's a rare perfection.
I appreciate your kind words!

Originally Posted by smolck View Post
Clears would be my thought, or stay smoked. Amber looks like crap on a pre-face AW car.
I disagree, the amber when done right looks sick, just search some of the M's pullin it off with class

Originally Posted by jasonbimmer View Post
if you have painted headlights, use smoked or they will stand out pretty bad.

Originally Posted by doshu View Post
Your beautiful egg yolk would be even better with some black magic or some other tyre shiner IMHO
Yea good point, I didnt get around to it when I took these pics

Originally Posted by nike001 View Post
Not an option

Originally Posted by M3Nick View Post
No roof rack.
See above

Originally Posted by Brinkley View Post
Good looking car, I voted ambers, I think on a white car, particularly with black out grills and now with black rims, it adds a little color.
Kind of what I am thinking, just on the fence obviously

Originally Posted by MrGL2 View Post
Smoked fits perfect, you could also sell me that roof rack
Thank you, sorry not for sale

Originally Posted by stookin View Post
You think so?

Originally Posted by jteethrecks View Post
Beautiful amber.
& I'm sorry OP, I'm not liking those wheels. IMO, the stock wheels would've complimented the white paint much much more.
I love em!

Originally Posted by Wickedly View Post
clears all the way
hmmmm no lol

Originally Posted by jasonbimmer View Post
I dont like amber. it reminds me some of the old cars.
I kind of think this as well, also looks "non modded" but for those who know it looks "retro" and stylish

Originally Posted by Solidjake View Post
Smoked for pre-facelift cars.
Cant go wrong btw your car is looking great!

Originally Posted by dude dog View Post
Ambers look real good. Different. I like em.
Me too!

Originally Posted by ac_2007 View Post
Keep the smoked, but purchase these bulbs:

And program your corners to be off with the headlights.
Have been wanting to do a corner delete as well as a drl delete but havent got around to it yet. Thanks!

So here is a little more background as to my dilemma, my ee tails have lost almost all the signal led's and either need to be replaced(which means more money) or I can just go back to the ambers which would cost me nothing.

So I have to be almost pursuaded to keep the smoked because itll cost more money on tails which I just bought 2 yrs ago.

I have looked into the "fix" for the led's and it doesnt look like something I want to tackle so...


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Originally Posted by Sweetness View Post
You sir, just thread jacked the sh!t out of OP.

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