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Originally Posted by menace3054

I recieved this card for my 10th or 11th birthday, and back then it cost 350.00. It is a Solid Silver trading card of Michael Jordan. The card was etched by an Artist, and is limited to only 750. This card is # 588 of 750. The card weighs 6 troy ounces and is pure silver. On the front of the card is a picture of Michael Jordan, with a signature above him. The detail is incredibly considering its etched into solid silver. Behind the outline of him the silver is so shiny that it acts like a mirror. On the Back lists: "Sculptor Susan Wagner Captures the follow-through of the jump shot that has taken Michael Jordans Game to yet a higher plane. Jordans pursuit of an unprecedented eighth regular-season scoring title continues unabated. Regular Season career stats through 1996: all-star game: Games: 731, Points 23,445, Rebounds 4,622, Assists 4,230"

around the back in a border lists all of Michaels Acheivements.

Accompanying this card is a Silver Embossed Certificate of Authenticiy from Gulfstream Mint, and from Upper Deck. It comes with a Certificate of Title, which I will transfer to the new owner.

it comes in a case with a faux Michael jordan Signature. Its truly and amazing collectors piece, and im sad to have to part with it.

im asking 350 plus s&h
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