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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
The danger of snapping the head off of these is so good, and with nasty consequences, that I'd not use a torque wrench. I used a 1/4" drive and just snugged the bolts tight to the left by feel. No need for the ultimate tightness as the normal rotation of the cams is in the direction to keep these tightening.
I have to disagree with you. I'm an aircraft mechanic, and everything has a torque value for a reason. Torquing bolts too much can not only cause them to shear, but can cause excessive wear in low-tolerance applications. Insufficient torque can lead to excessive wear from rattling, or from having a bolt back out (although these bolts are reverse thread, and it's very very highly unlikely if not completely impossible that would happen). If you're applying the proper torque to new bolts it's highly unlikely you'll shear them, as the engineers who designed the VANOS unit also designed bolts that were meant to withstand that torque, and they did so with a purpose. It'll be nearly impossible to gauge 6 ft-lb by feel, so save yourself some possible heartache down the road and just torque the bolts properly.

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