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Frustrated...please help

I've searched the forums, but can't find answers to the following issues I'm having with my windows Dynavin D99 recently installed.
1) DISPLAY: totally washed out in daylight, and not just direct sun, but any ambient light. Horrible. I've adjusted the brightness/contrast settings, but they did not make a discernible difference. Any suggestions?
2) NAV ALERT VOICE:!how do you turn off navigation voice constantly indicating 'gps signal lost' and 'red light camera? Can you turn that off w/o turning off turn by turn voice guidance?
3) PDC: my car doesn't have PDC, however when you place the car in reverse, music cuts out, and the pdc screen (with random indicators of objects) displays. How do you turn that off? I want music, not false pdc visualizations:/

Thanks for any help. With these fixed I might appreciate this thing instead of despise it like I do now...
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