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Originally Posted by filipinoise View Post
When I replaced my voltage regulator in my '02 325ci, in order to find out whether I had the Bosch or Valeo VR, I had to remove the air intake box, as well as unbolt the PS reservoir and put that to the side (it can probably be done without having to worry about the PS reservoir but it made it a little easier and it's two simple bolts so why not). Then, I got my iPhone 4 (thank goodness for the LED flash, I never thought that thing would ever come in handy...) and tried angling it where the VR was (I'd say that this requires some dexterity, and even then, expect a whole lot of trial & error) and by luck, after taking countless photos with my iPhone 4's camera, I was able to find out my VR was a Bosch 120A. You can probably do the same with a small mirror (key word: SMALL) but regardless of which way you choose to find out which VR you have, that's the way I decided to go about with it.

Hope this helps!

that does help thanks. So was that all you had to remove to replace the regulator? or did you have to remove the fan or anything like that. It seems to be a pretty tight fit in there.
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