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Hello E46er,
Seeking for some advice on how to act accordingly while my head has been spinning around like a yoyo, HR have been habitually delayed getting back to me after several verbal exhanges. She keeps informing me in 24hrs she will be intouched for updates but it's been almost a week now and I am a seriously concern securing the offer to take ownership of the position.

Here's the timeline:

June 23: Interviewed with high hopes

June 27: 1st contact by HR via phone, informed me that they are interested & would like to move forward. She assured me in 24hrs she will get back to me. She emailed me shortly after for her contact info.

June 28: 2nd contact by HR via email, requested me to apply online for the specific role. I followed up by a phone & email to assure them that I've applied.

June 28: 3rd contact by HR via email, confirmation note that application was received & will get back to me in 24hrs.


July 5th: 4th contact by HR via phone, updated me with a verbal offer, salary was discussed. As usual, lower than expected so negotiation process initiated. As informed, she would present the #s to the hiring manager and will get back to me in 24hrs.(So funny on everytime she says 24hrs, it takes a week).

July 10: NOTHING..............sitting idle and it's killing me.

I would like to touchbase with her for updates. From prior experience, I was able to expedite the closing process by inf
orming HR that I have a dilemma between Two job offers. Perhaps, I can conduct the same scenario. I can also inform her that I'll be on a business trip for 1week training and It wouldn't be fair for my supervisor/ current company due to the expense if I'll be leaving the company shortly. Honestly, I am just scared to loose this career advancement, it's the job that I really like. Please advice.
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