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Originally Posted by hizhinezz View Post
Newguy: I thought that Drew and Mkdama were only play fighting like the rest of you.

And he was one of the the only ones who actually responded to my posts.

So ronery at work. (transparent attempt to replicate established group dynamic to gain admittance)

Could I like, play the part of Miles? You know, sort of slide right in and BECOME him, so that it's like here's still here but he's not, except its me? Wouldn't that be awesome guys? Hey, my wife said that if you all want to come over some time she'll like cook us food or something, and there's two slot car tracks and air hockey... and uh... my wife and three kids and like, chores and stuff.

If someone wants to use my son's Mud Slinger in the driveway I'm pretty sure he'd let you and I've got extra batteries galore, ok? We've got two bathrooms too!

There's also my extensive collection of hardcore Danish violent forced rough ATM DP BBW bukkake compilation tapes (VHS only, sorry).

Like, see, it's like he's not even gone, except it's ME!!!!

Do you guys like those moustache?
Wow. Just wow.


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