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Originally Posted by albeee View Post
While I wouldn't call it ridiculous, having two luxury cars isn't the most sensible thing, either, particularly if you want a thirsty M3/M5 to go alongside an aging BMW, unless you are:

1. empty-nesters, which you clearly aren't
2. fairly affluent, which I don't have enough information on (nor do I really want to know, that's your business)

In any case, it's good to have a workaday car/toy/wardrobe to go alongside your nice things. But that's me.
sound sensible advice...from albee? :hmmm:

but really he does make a point as does your wife. the 330i is already a daily driver. if you went the 335d route it'd become your toy. if you went m3/5 it'd be your aging needs work daily driver. best advice is always to never stretch beyond your means if a second car is doing that then the current one needs to be replaced or maintained. where you sleep, eat, screw and raise your children will always take priority to me.
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