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Great thread, and very pertinent info to have. Thanks for the part numbers...i'll be needing some of these by the end of the season.

If it helps...some additional things you may want to mention:

Install tips for sway bar end links
-Front sway bar endlinks require a very thin 16mm box end wrench to hold the ball joint shaft from behind without damaging the boot.

Install tips for front lower control arms
-The ball joints have a tendency to spin when tightening the locking nuts down for the first time. Put a jack under the ball joint and jack it up to put some pressure on the ball joint from below. This will keep the shaft from spinning and allow you to tighten the nut down easily.

Install tips for struts
-The spindle will have nothing to support it when you have removed the strut. There is an easy way to keep it in place so you don't damage the outer ball joint by letting it flop around. Thread one of your wheel lug bolts into the hub and turn the rotor so the bolt is at the 12:00 position. Put a jack stand by the rotor and extend it up so it's under the lug bolt. Let the lug bolt rest on the top pf the jack stand. This will support the spindle safely.
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