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Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
If we look at any examples of men who are considered to have aesthetically pleasing bodies, they always have signs of working more than the big three lifts would offer. There's a material difference between something being aesthetically pleasing in its own right and being appreciable because of what it's capable of.

And Ron you say strong body but don't elaborate. I could easily argue that my way of working out leads to a strong(er) body in that I work every muscle group instead of focusing on three lifts, which inherently under-trains certain groups.
I'll have to unpack this some more, but I think we don't see eye-to-eye on what is aesthetically pleasing in a relative sense.

-I agree those guys are aesthetically pleasing, but so don't realistically see that as a target. Therefore my "aesthetic" is further down the bell curve.

So, for that body, are isolated movements necessary? Sure its helpful...

Originally Posted by CarterRuss View Post
As hard as it is to believe you can achieve a lot with very few compound exercises. Look at Herschel Walker, never picked up a weight before, has always done BW (push up, abs, dips, pull ups) and he is a beast.
But then again if you aren't genetically gifted like some you have to do a bit more. But eat right, train right for what you want to accomplish and you will see results.
Without delving into racial issues, I wouldn't compare most people to genetically gifted people. Six pack abs seem pretty common for some groups, definitely not Asians.
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