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I've been away for a while do to a bad accident , but its good to know some things never change. It was just last year , I believe , that the M5 lost to the CTS-V in a shoot out in the same magazine.I'll admit, I don't own a new M5 , but I do have a 2008 e92 M3 MT and my wife traded in her 335 for a 2011 CTS-V. Compared to the last gen M5 interior, the Caddy's interior is nicer IMO.I love BMW's. I still own the first 3 series I ever bought. But I also love lots of other cars. to say "The only way Cadillac would win is if it was made in Germany, designed, tested and built, we Americans care about the bottom line before anything." is a bit ignorant . If GM did truly only care about the bottom line the CTS-V wouldn't even exist. WE as Americans have really stepped up our automotive game in the last 5 yrs or so. Its just too bad people that people buy into the hype that all foreign cars are better.This isn't the 80's anymore. a lot has changed. I absolutely love my 2001 330 ( i still have it), but I've spent more time under the hood ( & under the dash and behind the door panels and in the sunroof). It has its flaws AND I LOVE IT FOR IT.
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