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It is my car now...Proefi/Saad Content

As most know I purchased Jason's M3. Before receiving it, I watched the seasons turn from winter to spring to summer, oh and also had Saad install their 4" intake and driveshaft loop. The car finally arrived..what I bought an m3??? Sheett forgot all about that. But you know what, it was well worth the wait.

This car is a hammer. Saad's work is top shelf. This beyotch is serious business. It drinks more juice then Charlie Sheen on a 3 day bender in Vegas, but again is well worth it. E85 is the stuff of car guy dreams. I will never mess with race fuel or meth again. Completely pointless when you can make this kind of power at this price. The 6766 is a bad mofo. It spools so hard and so fast. In my stage 3 car I could make and eat a sandwich and then contemplate whether or not hey, maybe I want another sanwich before boost would kick in. This car there isn't even time to pull the lunch meat out of the refrigerator. Literally night and day difference and the spool doesn't stop.

I dig the Proefi. You all have read other's reviews, but yes it is that good!! The traction control can not be described, it really needs to be felt. First through fourth gear pulls without being sideways somewhere along the line and pulling hard the whole pull is just crazy talk. But it honestly happens and it is so much fun you just want to do it again and again and again and again.... The can display is a great way to monitor all the engine vitals and is pretty addictive. So yes, major kudos to Jason for bringing this creation to the M3 market. I do wish I could log though.

One of my favorite things on this car though, the SP boost activated cut out!!! I have an Eisenmann Race 83mm Exhaust installed on the other side of it, so around town there is a very pleasant gurgle. How good does an s54 sound through a monster exhaust into an Eisenmann race exhaust?? Really ****in good. But damn when boost kicks in and that cut out is wide open it is just another level of amazing!

I am having a pretty bad stumbling/bucking issue from time to time. Jason thinks this is caused by the monster 2150cc injectors. Jason suggested switching to 1100s so I bought a new set, but I think I have changed my mind for now. I want to try and sort out potential causes with the 2150s first if that is in fact the issue. Hopefully since Jason sold me a car that isn't 100%, he will be there for support to remedy this problem.

To end, the car is really impressive. It is pure business. Saad and Jason built this monster to go fast and they did a damn good job of it. There will be more stuff in the works for the car. Jason built this car with the hopeful intention to run 9s, but right now that isn't a priority for me. I want to get the suspension sorted (this is an M3 after all) and then maybe see what she will do on a road course. I have no skills through the corners, but I bet with the way this car makes power it would be a blast!

At Proefi.

It has finally arrived!

After just bringing it home. Sorry Saad all stickers are now off the car.

Dyno chart on 22 psi before being shipped out.

Saad's 4" intake is huge

Among a bunch of goodies, these are waiting to be installed.

ps my wife rocks. Thanks for supporting my car addictions!

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