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Yes that is the lower intake boot, You may need a New MAF Sensor and New coil boots and a New O2 sensor, The CCV on mine was cracked even though I put on new hoses I couldn't see the crack, I would recommend buying a new CCV. I had to put the top hose on then feed it up to replace it, It just takes all day to do it (4 to 5 hours). you have to remove the circular metal flap valve also ( I just let it hang and dangle out of the way) and I had to break out the old CCV, I broke it in two but I could still see the crack after I pulled it out, I saw it on youtube to see how to do it. go to or I feel so much better after 4 tries (every week a new code) but then I started with 13 codes then down to none after doing the work, Oh yeah, you should erase the codes then drive the car for 70 miles so the car computer can reset. good luck..

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