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Originally Posted by M5chas View Post
Thanks man!

You are going to run these dusty star specs instead of the r888s for a track day? These tires aren't going to give you any traction. But either way they are in transit.
o M5chas: Please include your dyno sheet as a .pdf attachment so we can READ it. If you dont have a scanner, then almost any buddy can do it for you and send you the file. Thank you.

To jchris:Star Specs are awesome tires( I have a set on my other car) but are not even in the same CLASS as the Toyos which are specifically built for the track.
I think you are making a mistake taking the Toyos off.

The car sounds like it is doing all the things the way most people WISHED their turbo M3 was doing.
That 6766 (plus E85) sounds like the perfect set up. Let us know when you dyno the car in its present trim. Yes, the 2150's are right on the edge for a 67mm turbo. I think they are needed for 71mm and larger if using ethanol. But I agree with you about trying to tune that stumble out rather than rush to replace them.

Are you going to HPDE the car? PLEASE get rid of those horrible lowering springs and get a nice set of dual adjustable TC Klines. The springs were fine evidently for the drag strip but your front end will wallow horribly with those soft, weak Tein lowering springs. I had a set(of new Teins) on my M3 for all of 24 hours. The car never handled so badly. I a set of coil overs expressed to me!

Sounds like you have the near perfect car!
You are in a good position since you bought a car with most of the bugs painstakingly worked out of it already.
Enjoy what you have. I think it is pretty special.

PS: I am jealous of your TC. AEM must step up with their new Infinity. I dont know if it ever will match the TC of the ProEFI. Time will tell.

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