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Originally Posted by M5chas View Post
Thanks Dave! Actually JC is going to track his Stage 3 m3 which has TC kline d/a suspension on it. Perfect for the track. I also hope he runs the car with the r888s on it and not the star specs. My car has tein springs which I agree are horrible and thus being replaced with an AST 4200 setup.
The Star Specs would be Ok for everyday, but a Stage 3 really should have a tire with a treadwear of 100 or less to get the benefit of BEING a stage 3. I hope he sees the light and keeps the Toyos for the track at least.

As for you... AST's! Now you have a SERIOUS contender! Good one. I am impressed.
Let us know how the 2250cc injectors work out. Those are sweet babies(I have them with my PT7175). I think they can be tuned so the stumble is eradicated. You will have one of the premier FI cars ever. Fast in the quarter which we know already, and now it will be a VERY serious contender in any HPDE with all that power and your fast spool. Maybe some red or black Poly AKG RTABS if they dont have something like that already. Sweet. You sound like you know exactly what to do. I/we would love that dyno again but in a .pdf.
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