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Originally Posted by e46beemer702 View Post
History repeats its self, the first time cadillac tried to compete against the 3 series they came up with the cimarron the whole galaxy knows how that went it almost bankrupted Cadillac. all they do is put a Corvette motor in everything and call it a new concept or BMW killer.

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OK so I can tell right from the go you've never spent time in a CTSV. So how has history repeating itself? So you fall back on the classic...."Oh the just stuck corvette engine in it " excuse. Hate to tell you but they only share about 20% of the corvette parts.( to that end, I could say BMW take one engine and stick it in about 90% of its cars)& there's no use saying the caddy is only good for straight line driving because around Monticello My M3 and CTSV are close. It all depends on whos driving. This is BMW's newest and baddest M5 and the already 4 yr old Caddy still goes nose to nose with it.LIke I said, both these cars are awesome, but if you are going to take the stance that " its a BMW so it wins " then you are going to miss out on some seriously nice cars. I have a KR1300 so I love my beemers too
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