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cut the beef into chunks, and cut the potatoes into large chunks, about 3 pieces per potato.

heat 1 cup of coconut milk on medium heat. when it starts to boil, add in the curry paste and stir it in. keep stirring so it doesnt stick. after about 5 minutes, you'll see the red oil separate.

once you see the oil, add the chunks of beef and keep stirring until all sides are browned. once the beef is browned, add in the bay leaves, peanuts, cinnamon, potatoes, other cup of coconut milk and enough water to cover. stir together, cover the pot and simmer until beef is tender, about an hour and a half.

you can test how tender the beef is by trying to break a piece in half with the spoon. you want it not completely falling apart, but tender enough to break when pushed, so its kind of springy still.

after the beef is tender, add the sugar/salt/tamarind/juices and simmer uncovered for another 10 minutes.

if you want the curry less thick, add less potatoes or add them at the last 15 minutes of cooking. the onions are put in whole, but will basically disintegrate for the most part after cooking for that long.

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