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I made progress with the gauge. After extending most of the wires with wires of like gauge, I got some things hooked up for proof of concept!

Brown gauge -> brown Analog 2 of LC-1
Yellow Gauge -> momentary switch (not hooked up) to display peak boost and configure the gauge settings
red gauge -> accessory wire
black gauge -> ECU grounding strap
green gauge -> headlight out (12v signal dims the gauge) (note, headlights are thick blue and yellow, and whatever other super thick wire is next to it.)

Then I stuck it to the crossmember behind the dash since it was convenient.

Witness the mess!

Due to the nature of the space, I had to use the flash.

Here you can see how the gauge's wire can make it to the headlight wire. I used a tap so if it's too dim behind the tinted plexi I can unplug it and have full brightness.

I didn't use the flash and the photo was horribly underexposed. This is after adjusting the exposure slider in Lightroom all the way to the right. The Pentax K-5 does have glorious dynamic range.

I also ran the vacuum tube to a whopping nothing. Since the S/C goes in in three days, no sense throwing money at a t-fitting to fit the FPR that I'll never use again.

Since this build log is for an AUTO 325xi I felt it was fine to use the clutch slave hole that BMW practically handed me on a silver platter for this install. It also let me snake the wiring directly into the ECU box without fuss.

This resulted in a nice and tidy looking ECu-bin in the engine bay. No, those are not leaves from the fall in the fender gutter. That's crap that has dropped in the past month. Sycamores and some Swiss decorative tree I can't recall the name of. A nightmare.

You can't see it in that photo, but the LC-1 is also COMPLETELY integrated into the ECU box. Programming heads and everything run in and are hidden away so I don't have rainbow wiring everywhere. You can see them snaking in here through the main grommet.

Once all of that fun stuff had been dealt with I zeroed the boost and put ignition to position 2. Note that 7.4 is the default AFR output of the LC-1 when no lambda is connected (I have no lambda connected), interestingly, the car seems completely happy with this signal at all speeds for the post-cat O2 sensors.

Please note the display in person id much brighter than the photos would have you believe. The intensity of the readings rivals the intensity of AFR/PSI shown in the photos.
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