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Originally Posted by Maniac View Post
Saltwater isn't "harder" but more work for sure and much more money
My 120 gal reef has 6 grand intO it.

At first setup your looking at 6-8 weeks for a nitrogen cycle to complete before you add fish
Then u will have to check ammonia nitrite nitrate and your salinity

If you have /want corals you will need to check your alk. Calcium magnesium phosphate levels

PH is a waste of time trying to get to a certain number
Consistency is more important (for all levels)
The co2 in the air in your house will drive down the ph so if the tank room door is closed with people in it like a bedroom vs having door open woth no onein there the ph will be different. so its a waste of time trying to buffer it.

Nothing good in saltwater happens fast patience is key and READ READ
i also had 6k into a 120, and sold it all for $400 ,women.......but, low ph will give corals a slow death, it will take months but they will eventually die,ask me how i know

Originally Posted by Maniac View Post
Oh and don't bother with a hydrometer they're garbage get yourself a refractometer and a $5 bottle of calibration fluid
you can calibrate with 0 tds water which is what you should be mixing your salt with

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