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Originally Posted by Alexandrle330ci View Post
He said I did an improper lane change. Which I didn't.
Also he was in a blacked out mustang and he came up beside me and tried to race me so I downshifted and he proceeded to pull me over. I was going 86 in a 65. Even though everyone on that highway was going 75+ but I'm not complaining about that part.
The part that pissed me off.
My insurance card expired on the 11th and I didn't know. So I handed him the card and he said I don't have insurance and so he said he will go pull it up by my license plate, when he came back he said I was not insured and he was going to be nice and give me the 300$ fine but not tow me.
The problem I have is that I have state farm and am covered and have never driven un-insured. I pay 209$ a month because I'm 19. He took advantage of me. I'm not sure what to do. I want to provide proof that I had financial responsibility but, I can not appear in court in San Antonio when I live 30 minutes north of Dallas. They said they don't discuss over phone, but he totally took advantage of me.
Lol, i got pulled over for the same ****, he said i was driving irratically and im suppose to leave my turn signal on for 100 feet then switch and he said my reflectors were blacked out. Man i was just pullin out of KFC/Taco bell and was shitting my pants lmao jkjk.. When he told me i was driving irratically i was like what !?!? I was driving just like everyone else on the road what you trying to say ? And he said well and your reflector are blacked out and i said no way !?!?! Looolll.. He let me go and said i have a nice car lol. He said he couldnt believe i was 16..

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