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Originally Posted by Sweetness View Post
Keep in mind that Thudding can be a result of faulty RTAB's sliding forward in their brackets. Jerking is when the actually tranny downshifts hard and jerks the chasis
Not really. The RTABs would have to 100% gone for that to happen and that is extremely rare. I've driven quite a few cars with completely blown RTABs (talking 200,000+ miles and 13-15 years old and have never experienced any rear-end clunk when coming to a stop, even under hard braking) And you meant the trailing arm hitting against the pocket.

OP and others with the jerk: The jerk can be mostly alleviated, if not completely removed, by updating the transmission software and changing the fluid/filter (which should be done anyway)

To my knowledge, the DME/transmission module software is updated at the same time. Thats how it was at least when I did it for two cars. Completely removed the jerk.
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