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Originally Posted by duboy View Post
+1million to the fuel injection. There are certain things about the 190e that i wish were different, and could have been because the technology existed back then, they just didn't want to eff with it i guess. I DD a 190e 16v, and my e30M3 is in the garage. for DD duties/comfort/features, 190e hands down. But the FI system, stupid fuses (those ones with the exposed filaments), crazy vacuum system things (locks and hvac system), recirc ball steering, all seem out of date in comparison to the M3.

as an owner of both i'm liking the trend of people paying more attention to the Cossie, but the M3 is a way better drivers car.
This is a completely truthful post.

I love the 190E, but those things you mentioned I hate with a passion.

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