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Originally Posted by duboy View Post
and the 190E is quirky too:

- why are the wing mirrors different sizes. i assume for better visibility, but' strange.
- if you have a passenger wing mirror with a motor in it...and you wire it to a switch in the center console...why can't you motorize and wire the drivers side too instead of making me adjust it with a manual lever?
- do i really need to be able to adjust the height of the power antenna?
- Lastly....why is the shifter assembly made of 217 parts, most of which are small? maybe they could have made the shift feel of the Getrag 265 more like the M3, and less like rowing your hand through solidified oatmeal. no wonder people don't make SSKs for the 190e.

yeah. it's a strange beast. but I still love it. ;-)
-The passenger side mirror was made narrower and electric because reaching to the side of the car to make adjustments or to fold it in for a narrow european street is inconvenient. It is taller to aid with parallel parking. The passenger side is the "default" size essentially. This was also a bit of a styling statement by the designer, Bruno Sacco.

-Mercedes-Benz didn't bother making the driver's side electric since you really don't need it to be when it's right next to the steering wheel, as well as keeping cost, complexity, and weight down. After 1993 they changed this though.

-You can adjust the height of your antenna?

-I haven't fiddled with the shifter yet, but I bet it's pretty easy to work on shift feel. Lots of rubber isolators and flexible linkages that could be replaced with metal.

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