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Originally Posted by Amoeba View Post
Horrible investment. The maintenance fee that's low in the beginning will begin to skyrocket after a few years, and there's nothing you can do about it. Then when you can't stand paying the maintenance fee anymore and want to sell it, you'll find there's no market and it's only worth 1/5 of what you originally paid for.
I am a timeshare owner and I can say it's probably the worst investment I have ever made. I'd paid 8K for it back in days, they were trying to sell it for $22K. It seems like a great investment at the time. $350/year for maintenance fee + 100 exchange fee and I can get a really really nice condo in Hawaii. I used to invite my family and friends b/c I can get a 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom for less than $500 for a week. I did the same for Florida, used to be a yearly vacation for me. Now that the economy sucks, my timeshare is worth nothing and I could save my $8K. Timeshare owners are giving out their weeks for nothing. Now I am stuck with $500/yr maintenance fee (which is extremely cheap for today's standard). B/c of my busy schedule and new additions to my family. I feel I am forced to used my timeshare before it expires. I've actually lost a week last year b/c I did not have time to use it.
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