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If you don't already know me, my name Miles.

My interest for cars started with my dad's car in the mid to late 90's while I was in elementary school. There was a certain bit of something special with my dad's 1994 Mercedes-Benz 300CE with jet black exterior and black leather interior, and the "tuner" he brought it to, who my family knew from being a neighbor from down the street. Specifically, the tuner's wife would walk their two big friendly sheep dogs up the street, which I loved to play with, lol. To somewhat of a surprise to both my dad and myself, one day the 300CE came back from the tuner with a few changes. What was originally just supposed to be new tires, changed to a new set of wheels and tires, to new wheels, tires, lowering spring, and new dampers. The lowering springs weren't even asked for, but they ended up coming with everything else, which was surprising and funny. The differences were barely noticeable in one sense, because the car could pass as completely stock, but at the same time, the car looked sooooooo much "cooler." The car looked much lower, wider, and sportier and it drove with a MUCH firmer ride. Only later did I find out or realize that the tires were Michelin Pilot Sport, the wheels BBS RX, the springs by H&R, and dampers Bilstein, definitely not a bunch of on-sale parts. This was my first experience with modded cars. This is also where I started to learn about cleaning and detailing cars a little, but I never really went too far into that area of cars, unlike some friends. It was a sad day when this car was sold, but it was exciting as well, because the 300CE got replaced with a new 2003 Porsche Carrera from the dealership!

The next big point in my automotive life, was when my brother gave me his old copy of Gran Turismo 3 and a Sony Playstation, I've been really interested in and enjoyed cars, beyond what I consider normal for most people. I loved the driving, and also, the tuning of the cars. There was something about trying hard and earning credits in the game, buying new parts, modifying things slightly to make the car better, and getting the most out of it that I really liked. From Gran Turismo, my interest branched out into more video games, car magazines that I asked my dad to subscribe to, and looking up specifications online to cars that I thought were cool. This continued through high school, until towards the end of high school (2006), I finally had my driver's license, and my dad said he might buy me a car since I would be going off to college soon and my sister would be learning to drive soon.

At this point, all my learned car knowledge from the internet and gran turismo came into effect. The price point was $15,000 max, (business was good for my dad at the time I guess, lol). For some reason my most important factors were that the car was front engine, rear wheel drive, and manual transmission. I also didn't want to get what I considered ricey, because at this point, I had already decided some cars were modified in a way that just made them look like total crap. My choices narrowed down to an E36 M3, E46 330i, and FD RX-7. What it came down to was that the RX-7s were just too rare and expensive, and I was on the fence about the really bulbous styling, and I decided the E36 was just kinda ugly and plain looking. This is where I started researching the E46, and came across E46Fanatics and my330i.com where I was inspired by people like PEI330CI. When the time came, my dad found a used 2001 330i sport package premium package steptronic in San Jose for $19,000. He ended up buy the car for $18,000, and after some driving back and forth because the owner forgot to sign something and wanted his "WENKI" license plates back I had a 330i! A month later, I joined E46Fanatics.com.

Here's a few of my pictures to get you started from my early years on this forum:


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