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In summary(from what I can remember)
-Testing out camera settings was a stupid thing to do that day.

-Getting some laps around the track in an Infiniti SUV with a professional race car driver was terrifying and incredible. Going through the S-curves, he would hit the inside curbs and the inside wheels felt like they popped into the air for a short moment. The car was leaning like crazy and I thought we were all going to flip an die.

-The carbon fiber intake of the M3 was so huge it looked like you could fit a basket ball or a standing chihuahua inside it.

-The car had transmission problems all day, frequently getting stuck in gear, and when the car finally got stuck in one gear, the car just couldn't be driven any further, and that was the end of the day. Major disappointment when I was said I'd get some laps around the track in the passenger seat, but when the transmission broke, no more laps.

An all around awesome day though. The smells, sounds, and looks of that M3 were just amazing to be around, as was being at a race track for the first time. If only that transmission didn't break and the air in buttonwillow wasn't always full of smog and cow farts.

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