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Originally Posted by mtnbound View Post
Uh, yeah, btw, did you realize at the time that the "customer" was Henry Schmitt, Owner/President of BMW of San Francisco?

Here's his latest:



He also has this little thing:


lol, yeah, I knew. I was trying to refrain from being "that guy" who bragged about all the important people I knew. Kinda like that forum member who bragged about being P. Diddy's pool cleaner. Do no want to be THAT GUY.

I wonder if that car you posted is the same car with a new paint job or it's another car. From what I remember, Henry had a coupe and a sedan. The coupe being referred to as the CSL and the sedan being the PTG.

Hmm, while I'm at it and being "that guy", I think I know the previous owner of that M1.

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