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Originally Posted by Rockyminator View Post
Congrats on the new car Charlie! Glad to hear that you've received the beast and are enjoying it.... but if you ever decide to sell it, you know I'm your man . Btw, compared to your previous 2.5, is the 6766 that much better? I'm really considering swapping my turbo out for the 6766 and wanted to get your take on it since you've owned the 6776 and now own a 6766. How much of a difference is there between the two?
Trades!?!!?! Thanks man. Yes, I think it is that much better. It builds boost quicker and holds on to it longer. If I remember correctly the 6776 would start to taper out, and this turbo doesn't, it just pulls! So couple that with a more aggressive tune and your car would be pretty much perfect.
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