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The look awesome imo.

Anyways, he's my review.

Drove this one in particular:

- The comfort access kicks ass

- The interior quality did feel very good

- Steering wheel even though it's the regular one beats the square e46 wheel

- The switch for economy, comfort and sport is INCREDIBLE. In economy and comfort the car turns off the engine when at a stop (can be disabled by pressing a button above the start button). Going to sport you get the higher rpm and responsiveness right away even in an automatic. in comfort it's about the same as being in regular drive as an e46 and in economy you can feel the lag in the gas but I can tell right away it will save you a lot of gas while still being able to get to a good speed.

- The HUD is nuts. So clear and you can even select your radio stations and other modes right there without having to look away from the windshield.
- Navigation is extremely clear and concise. BMW now uses google maps for the navigation.

- Plenty room in the rear, more than an E46 from what I picked up sitting down initially there.

- Trunk has a very good amount of space as well

- Even on regular non-sport suspension the ride was very smooth

- Having heated steering wheel and front/rear heated seats is great for cold weather area owners

- Cup holders are built to do their job and can be covered by a tray easily

- iDrive system is flawless

- You're able to view your power/torque on the display

- You're able to change the drive-train/engine settings on the idrive as well

- The car feels complete and the interior blows away the E46's

I know I'm probably missing more, but I absolutely love the car and there is an extremely high chance this will be my next car.
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