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Originally Posted by Crestwood1001 View Post
Im sorry, but is that really a piece that you want to try to save a few bucks on and get off ebay? Spend the money on quality stuff, thats an important part of the car
I'm sorry, but do you think that the cheaper lugs are made of play-doh? It's all the same crap made by a handful of companies, and marked up by a list of middle men. A piece of steel with a 17mm hex head, and 45mm threaded shaft. Not much too it. The only diff is usually the coating or plating, for which i care not. If you wanna pay more for that, by all means... I just paint em with tremclad or rustoleum.

oh, and btw, I don't want cheap ebay stuff, I wanna pay LESS than eBay. Just to be clear.
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