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Here's your shopping list for the pedal and the throttle body wiring harness stuff:

Part: Accelerator Pedal Module Harness
BMW PN: 61138383300
Quantity: 1

Part: Tyco MQS Female Socket (for accelerator pedal harness)
BMW PN: 61130005197
Quantity: 6

Part: Universal Throttle Body Harness
BMW PN: 12527505669
Quantity: 1

Part: Throttle Body Harness Female Pins
BMW PN: 12520143438
Quantity: 6

Contrary to popular belief, BMW does not make all of their own electrical connectors. Some of them are exclusively sold by BMW and some are in-fact made by BMW, but the vast majority of them are available wholesale. Tyco electronics supplies a surprising number of harnesses and harness components. I was hoping to compile a list of equivalent part numbers for this swap but it never manifested.

Also, those terminals are a pain in the ass to crimp. You only need six of each, but I would highly recommend you get more... like twice as many. You can buy them pre-terminated from BMW if you wish but the price gets pretty crazy pretty quickly.

And lastly, this list DOES NOT account for hooking up any other systems (i.e., the instrument cluster or the fuel tank leak test circuit).
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