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Originally Posted by BMW2D4EVR View Post
i am currently having THE exact same problem with my ST coils that i just installed yesterday. my fronts are completely maxed out and i can barely notice a drop at all, if any.

AC, have you figured out what the problem is?
The problem has to be the length of the main springs. I've tried installing the new warranty replacement set and I have the same problem. An entire wasted day just because I was told to "try them out" by Adam Tormey @ KW.

I told him before that the springs are of identical height, with the same number of coils in them as my originals. He probably still thinks that I somehow installed this suspension incorrectly, even when I've had them double checked by my mechanic that they're perfectly fine.

Everyone with this problem needs to call KW (1-800-445-3767) and talk to Adam Tormey. If nobody does this, our problem will get swept under the rug! Something is obviously wrong with a batch of these ST Coilovers.
(he already told me this is one of the most popular coilover kits, and they're flying off the shelves without customer complaints)

Originally Posted by BMW2D4EVR View Post
Also, when i got my ST coils i was not given a installation guide, so bear with me. when i installed my rears, i put the ride adjuster on the bottom, as in on the arm, and put the little rubber disc on the top. i see in those two pictures that you have it done the opposite way. is there a correct way of doing it?
You're supposed to install the adjuster on the top, but many have put it the other way as well. I don't see an issue either way, and installing it on the bottom doesn't make it easier to adjust IMO. That's why I installed it according to instructions on top.
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