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Originally Posted by ngillan View Post
Yes, I absolutely loved that car. Probably the most comfortable vehicle I've ever been in. Unfortunately it was wrapped around a tree about a year and a half ago (will post pics from my phone). When I get promoted at my job to "baller status" I will buy another one as an every day driver.
I feel your pain...

I will give that car one thing though... it was a damn tank. My stupid ass flipped mine in a ditch because I was going around a corner too quickly. I too will buy another one in the future as a DD because it was expensive to keep on the road. I don't think my 323 will cost as much in the long run and that's saying something. I don't know if you had to deal with any oil leaks or headgasket issues on yours, but mine was all done before I bought it. Garage kept, 1 owner and in nearly perfect shape. My Bimmer isn't half as nice as the STS, but at least I bought a car that can take a corner well. Glad everybody came out of that wreck ok... looks alot worse than mine. I had a large cut on my head and was in the hospital for a few days.

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