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Got her how to slow the train..... is an interesting one. My own fault but hear me out.

Met a girl online, local to me, seem to have A LOT in common. Her personality is excellent, witty, comical, sarcastic just like me. She is divorced, 35, and two younger kids which doesn't bother me, I have a younger son of my own and like the idea of a family.

We had our first date last week, we each had drinks with our meals...anyway the date ended with a very heavy make out session and groping. We both seem to really enjoy each other. Well we have a second date tonight. Catch is, I think I opened up pandora's box too soon. We've been flirting and even suggestive flirting all week. She admits she wants me tonight and even hinted I could take her back to my place.

Here's my dilema. (take my man card now)........

I actually like this girl, she intrigues me more than just a cool girl / hookup. So as much of a guy as I am and as much as I would be cool with taking her home, I almost wish I could rachet things back and continue growing the all around attraction instead of just the lust factor.

I admit it was my fault, I shouldn't have started the suggestive heavy flirting.

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