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Haha, I sure hope 94 extra pins will be enough! In all seriousness, that's probably a wise purchase. Those female MQS connectors are very common in the engine and work great for emergency wire repair or modification.

As for needing a special tool, I suppose that depends on your confidance level and how bad your OCD is -haha. A few months ago I was destroying 5 pins for every successful crimp. But I obsess over frivilous things. If you want the tool I believe the offical Tyco Electronics MQS crimping tool is $80 but ebay has some chinese made ones for $20 or so.

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I'll just go ahead and send buy 100 of the bushings. Only $12.70... any special crimper I need to buy? The ones I have are just standard "cut, strip, crimp" variety.

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