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Well, just a mini update. Dynos (at least before) are not happening. Ta-da! I dropped the car off with my mechanic today and next-dayed my ECU to Active. Since I have transmission work scheduled (IPT valve body, either ESS software or the piggyback for the GM5L40E that a dude in Germany makes) I listed it on the performance mods section of the ECU send-in form. I'd rather just have Active flash a tune without the boost turned down to accommodate autos than get my trans beefy shortly and need a new tune.

Meth and NO2 are suddenly possibilities. My mech and I discussed the possibility of a small NO2 shot in the lowish band (2k-4k) using a controller that tapers off while boost builds. The NO2 will help cool the intake charge as well. When the NO2 tapers we're thinking have H2O/meth injection slowly build to keep the charge cool. Also right now the car has 0W40 in it which has been nice for removing some varnish that the Castrol likes to leave. I'm thinking I'll do an 80-mile loop on the freeway at ~70mph to break-in the supercharger and shortly beforehand add some Amsoil engine flush then the next day change the 0w40 for Rotella T6 5w40 since we don't usually see below 25F and we DO regularly see 100+.
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