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As far as i know, the only difference between the two is the insulation. The CCV took me about 3 hours, including beer breaks. Definitely would have been way easier if I'd done the CCV and the OFHG at the same time, but I didn't have the foresight. It's not a terrible job, just takes patience and some lower back pain...nothing a few Advil and a couple beers can't alieviate! I would volunteer to help but I spend most weekends in Texas with my kids.

The new suspension is great. The XI has always sat an inch or two higher than its RWD cousins, so I didnt mind the slight drop. It's not really noticeable, visually speaking, but definitely better handling!
While your at it, maybe replace the VCG too...unless recently replaced, that is also a culprit for oil leaks.
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