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Well I slept with her. lol

Was trying to slow the train down. Earlier in the day over texts I told her I thought she was a very chill girl and wanted to really see where things would go with us, did not want to cheapen it with a 2nd date romp. She replied back that she agreed but she also said she knows we will be crossing that line sooner or later. I left it at that.

Went to a trendy Italian Bistro...had a few drinks and were sharing appetizers. As usual we were having that excellent witty comical banter and also having good conversation. I jokingly brought up the texts from earlier in the day and she hit me with a witty zinger, sort of a call to action. She replied "It's ok, I understand your texts, you're just demoting me to the friend zone after only two dates, I get it." Then gave me this serious stare. Now I 75% knew she was busting my stones, but then I had that 25% doubt that she was serious. So I should have just left it go at that and made her wait. But at that point wtf, we went back to my place and it was on.

Fortunately she seems cool, don't get the vibe she'll up and disappear now that she got some. Hoping it turns into something...but will keep ya posted.

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