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Originally Posted by DenverSooner View Post
As far as i know, the only difference between the two is the insulation. The CCV took me about 3 hours, including beer breaks. Definitely would have been way easier if I'd done the CCV and the OFHG at the same time, but I didn't have the foresight. It's not a terrible job, just takes patience and some lower back pain...nothing a few Advil and a couple beers can't alieviate! I would volunteer to help but I spend most weekends in Texas with my kids.

The new suspension is great. The XI has always sat an inch or two higher than its RWD cousins, so I didnt mind the slight drop. It's not really noticeable, visually speaking, but definitely better handling!
Thanks man, I was already sweating thinking it would be a whole day job. 3 hours won't be too bad if I can get started early in the morning. Doing OFHG at the same time too.
Since everyone else has already done the CCV and OFHG I guess I will order a single set then.

Originally Posted by DenverSooner View Post
While your at it, maybe replace the VCG too...unless recently replaced, that is also a culprit for oil leaks.
Yah, VCG has been done about a couple of months ago when we had the VANOS DIY day. If it still leaks then I guess I can do it in an hour or less now.

Originally Posted by vapor325i View Post
What springs are you running?

TJ- you might as well do the ccv when you do the oil filter housing gasket... its basically right there once you take out the housing....
Yup doing it together. Do we need to take that fan clutch out for the job? If yes, I might need to borrow your fan clutch tool Alton.
Did you fix your rattle yet?

Originally Posted by MRHEAT View Post
Greetings people of Denver I just moved from Florida and im staying with my stepdaughter " IN DENVER" until we find a place to live, usually i work on my e46 myself but just in case can anybody recommend a decent mechanic in the area, the car spent its whole life in Florida so im getting nervous about the cold weather and the problems that might pop up. Thanks for any help
It will do just fine. Just make sure you have decent tires as mentioned above. I drive my car all year round, and with continentals it does just fine. Just be careful when you park, if you park in the street where there is too much inclination in one side or near the snow banks in a parking lot, you are bound to get stuck. DSC does a pretty good job in our cars and the streets are plowed regularly so you shouldn't worry. Just be careful and take it slow in the turns. Alton even drives around in his lowered RWD in winter and has no problems, except for the oil pan incident
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