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Originally Posted by TOGWT View Post
There are some very knowledgeable and experienced detailer's both professional and enthusiast who are more than willing to help with detailing problems and share their knowledge and experience.

However, some posts that are seeking information or a solution to a specific problem omit some very important basic information that is required to provide the correct solution -

1. What is the material (Paint, Rubber, Metal and etc)
2. How old is the vehicle?
3. The colour and type of finish (leather, fabric, single stage or clear coat, and etc) if applicable
4. What is its condition (Excellent- Moderate - Poor)
5. What have you tried (if anything) thus far
6. What are your detailing goals for the vehicle (daily driver, show car, Concours entrant)

Describing a problem in words can sometimes be difficult and / or inconcise; often it will help diagnose a problem much easier if you provide a photograph

For a professional offering an opinion there is the always the potential of becoming the subject of a lawsuit if a suggestion causes damage to a vehicle; so getting as much information as possible ahead of time will mitigate risk exposure considerably.

Be cognizant that any material presented is usually an interpretation of personal experience, objective research and information gathered; so any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. I would strongly suggest that you verify any information that anyone shares with you.

Based on an post by Ron Ketcham
Steering wheel from a 2003.5 M3, 71k miles on the car, I've had it for a month, I've cleaned it with water and then used chemical guys leather conditioner on it, didn't seem to do much and did not remove the white spots, but I also did not rub hard.

spot on the left.

Best I could do with the lighting tonight.

I ordered gliptone leather cleaner and conditioner for my seats so I may try that on this, but maybe I'm just too scared to push.

Also, how do you remove scratches? Such as the one pictured under the white spot on the left side of the wheel.

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