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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
R888's.. I put R888's on Kenton's car after driving on his NT05's.. it was night and day. But they're noisy and wear fast, not to mention expensive.
Never owned them..yet.
But apparently the R888's seems to be one of the best choices for a trade off of wear(sort of), handling and traction. The tires do almost everything well except deep standing water so I have heard. I think they do just fine in normal light rain. Is that correct?

They dont come in every size and aspect ratio, but they make a lot of High HP car owners very happy. You can street them, HPDE them(specialize), and even hook up OK for an occasional trip down the strip.

They run a bit less expensive than similar sized Re-11's or Dunlop Star Specs....maybe 30 dollars a tire cheaper. At least on

They may not be the best choice if you live in Washington State or other rainy areas.

How scary are they (or not) in a downpour, Marcus? Its not like you cant pull over. Heck i have done that with my RE-11's which had deep rain grooves.

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