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Originally Posted by mikey325ci
is that rubber washer part removable? the camera you bought is 1/3", which i am assuming is the diameter of the camera?

i'm trying to measure things up to see if this camera will fit in there:
Yes, the rubber washer is removable, but it helps in holding the camera in place. The camera is slightly bigger than 1/3" because you have to allow for alittle room for the metal casing that is all around it. I just took a look at the link for the e bay auction, and it looks like that camera is one that doesn't mount flush with the trunk, but instead it is actually bigger than the hole and you mount it from the outside of your car in. I mean that you drop it in from the outside into the hole were the key lock used to be and it is bigger than the hole so it sticks above the surface of the trunk, and the nuts that are shown in the sideview picture just tighten up to the inside of your trunk from the back. I know about this because this is the camera that my local auto sound installer had in his shop. That camera looks alittle wider than mine, but if it says that it is about 1/3" than it should fit. Do you understand what I mean? -Michael.
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