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Project 5HP19 transmission: Videos

Link to other parts of the project

For those who are interested, I made a few videos of the procedures used to pull apart and then assemble the transmission. I've seen a couple of videos in this DIY section that I thought were great, and a much better way of showing how things fit together.

Why the videos? I wanted a good reference for the procedures later if I needed them, but also I wanted to show that this is not that difficult to do yourself. After the engine project, and then this transmission, if the engine was difficulty 10, I would rate the transmission a 7. The hardest bit would be getting it out of the car. Unlike the engine, there are very few special tools required, and those that you do need are pretty simple to make.

Finally, the cost of rebuilding a transmission yourself is very low. You can buy a basic rebuild kit for less than $200. For less than $1000 you can pretty much end up with a brand new transmission. I can't understand why transmission shops charge so much. I saw a thread once from a bloke who said that he had to pay about $5000 for a reverse drum replacement. This seems pretty incredible when the part only costs about $150. I'm clearly missing something.

The videos below explain most of the stuff involved with the major components.

Transmission Disassembly

Transmission Assembly

Torque Converter

General Clutch Disassembly/Assembly

Oil Pump and C clutch disassembly

Oil Pump and C clutch assembly

D/G clutch (Reverse Drum)

Valve Body Removal
This also includes how to remove the pan and filter.

Valve Body Installation
This also includes how to install the filter and pan.

Valve Body Disassembly

Disassembly of individual valve body components

Valve Body Assembly

Valve Body additional information

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