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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
Never owned them..yet.
But apparently the R888's seems to be one of the best choices for a trade off of wear(sort of), handling and traction. The tires do almost everything well except deep standing water so I have heard. I think they do just fine in normal light rain. Is that correct?

They dont come in every size and aspect ratio, but they make a lot of High HP car owners very happy. You can street them, HPDE them(specialize), and even hook up OK for an occasional trip down the strip.

They run a bit less expensive than similar sized Re-11's or Dunlop Star Specs....maybe 30 dollars a tire cheaper. At least on

They may not be the best choice if you live in Washington State or other rainy areas.

How scary are they (or not) in a downpour, Marcus? Its not like you cant pull over. Heck i have done that with my RE-11's which had deep rain grooves.
Rainy in washington state? Just the west side of the mt's

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